Why You Should Choose a Subaru in Sioux Falls

You've heard of it, we're sure. Subaru vehicles are famous for their all-wheel drive systems and we're here to help you learn what makes them so great. Road and weather conditions vary wildly, so you should be prepared for anything. Choosing a Subaru with symmetrical all-wheel drive will give you peace of mind, every time you get behind the wheel.

Why Is Subaru AWD Special?

Subaru created an all-wheel drive system to seamlessly function with each of their vehicles. There are four different variations each made to fit each model providing superior performance. The standard model available with Subaru vehicles with manual transmission, offers a 50/50 split of power between the front wheels. Open differentials in the front and rear seamlessly transfer power where needed.

The WRX and STI offer a more sport tuned configuration with a mild rear bias on each. With 45/55 on the WRX and the STI has a 41/59 rear bias. Having more torque in the rear offers better handling while accelerating hard, and providing power to the front wheels prevents the typical "fishtail" behavior.

Why AWD is a Smart Choice over 4WD, FWD and RWD

Front-wheel drive is often promoted as the most fuel-efficient drive option, but with Subaru you can get comparable, and sometimes even better, fuel economy ratings than FWD competitors. You'll also avoid the typical "torque steer" that happens when the front wheels are struggling to gain traction. It creates a side-to-side tugging feel in the steering wheel.

Many people also really think that 4-wheel drive and all-wheel drive are essentially the same thing. 4-wheel drive differs from all-wheel drive in a few ways. 4WD locks power to all four wheels equally, and doesn't adjust power to each wheel like the all-wheel drive system on Subaru vehicles. By continually monitoring each wheel, the system can send power to the wheels that have traction if one loses grip.

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The Benefits of Having the Subaru Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive System Available in Sioux Falls Are Numerous

All-wheel drive offers many benefits over just the commonly touted winter weather performance. You'll love how your handling, performance and fuel economy benefit from choosing a Subaru with symmetrical all-wheel drive. Even on dry pavement, all-wheel drive can keep you safe on the roads. By distributing power between all four wheels when cornering, braking hard or any other situation, handling is improved and you'll hug the roads tightly.

With the ability to detect wheel slip in less than one wheel rotation, you'll hardly notice wheel slip. Sharp cornering, quick acceleration and hard braking are no match for a Subaru, thanks to their legendary symmetrical all-wheel drive.

Why Wait?

Your new Subaru is waiting for you at Schulte Subaru in Sioux Falls. Schedule a test drive today to see how impressive the all-wheel drive system is on each Subaru model we carry. From the Forester to the Legacy, we're sure you'll find the perfect Subaru for your needs, no matter the season. Our expert staff will help walk you through trim levels and financing options to help you find your perfect Subaru and financing or lease deal. Don't hesitate to call us with any questions, it's what we're here for!

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