Subaru College Graduate Program Offers Savings for Students

You have many adventures ahead of you now that you’ve completed your education. Whether you continue to enroll in courses to gain additional expertise or you feel as though you’ve already gotten a grasp of what it takes to succeed in your chosen field, we wish you success in your educational pursuits!

The whole Schulte Subaru team stands with you as you pursue higher education, and we aim to do our part to ensure that the great innovators of tomorrow have access to reliable transportation. No matter where education takes you, you deserve quality transportation that can take you between destinations on demand. There are many excellent colleges in our region, like the University of Sioux Falls and Augustana University, and we are pleased to see the hard-working students that attend and graduate from these institutions. We know that many college students are preparing for life after school now that graduation season is here, and that is why we are delighted to share the Subaru College Graduate Program with you today!

The College Graduate Program offers recent and soon-to-be college graduates affordable auto financing for a new Subaru vehicle. Whether you opt for a Subaru loan or lease, if you are qualified for lending from Subaru Motors Finance, you also have access to special lease and retail offers tailored to meet your financial needs. Stop by our Subaru Finance Center soon to explore your new car lease and loan options. Our auto financing associates are eager to help you make sense out of the finance process and find the savings you deserve.

Here at Schulte Subaru, we also work with recent college students and members of the military to provide you with cost-savings for your Subaru Parts and Service. We know that any small amount of savings can go a long way when starting out life after school or military service. Visit our Service Center in Sioux Falls, South Dakota to enjoy 10% off all parts and service today!

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