Schedule Spring Maintenance for Your Subaru at Our Sioux Falls Service Center

Prepare your family for summer outdoor adventures with a seasonal service appointment at Schulte Subaru! Now that winter is fully behind us and the extreme weather of summer is just ahead, now is an ideal time to get your Subaru ready for new road trip adventures at our SD Subaru Service Center. There are many ways you can treat your car or SUV to the maintenance it deserves, and here at our Sioux Falls dealership, we are eager to help! Here are five ways that you can stay ahead of the hot weather and protect your investment for miles of adventure:

  1. Change your vehicle’s oil and check your transmission fluid. We all know the importance of routine oil changes for cars and SUVs. Not only can you save money on costly repairs and replacements, but scheduling a transmission fluid check and Subaru oil change in SD can help you save time on the road when you address potential problems before they arrive.
  2. Rotate your Subaru car’s tires and monitor your air pressure. Many modern vehicles offer built-in tire pressure monitoring systems, however that does not mean that your tires are always ready to go. Make sure to rotate your tires as needed to maintain the traction, handling, ride, and safety that you deserve from your Subaru vehicle.
  3. Have a trusted mechanic check your suspension and alignment. Before heading out on your summer adventures, schedule an appointment to have your Subaru SUV’s alignment and suspension checked for safety. This is an inexpensive way to keep up with the performance of your vehicle for miles to come.
  4. Check your brake pads and rotors for optimal safety. Stay safe as you trek through the Sioux Falls region this summer by having your brakes inspected at our Subaru Service Center. Brakes do not last forever, and they gradually start to show wear and tear. Neglecting your brakes can make future repairs more expensive as well as put you at risk.
  5. Remove any leftover salt from the undercarriage of your Subaru. Your Subaru SUV or car can withstand many driving conditions, which is why you may have a built-up supply of road salt rusting the metal in your undercarriage. Have your car thoroughly washed to remove the salt to prevent costly repairs in the future. Of course, de-icing salt isn’t the only build-up that you may encounter during your excursions. If you travel to the beach or off the beaten path this spring or summer, make sure to have the debris cleaned off upon your return.

Prepare for any summer road trip with the help of our Sioux Falls Subaru Service Center! We look forward to addressing these areas and more when you schedule service for your Subaru at our dealership!

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